Marriage proposals, singing heard for miles and sign language for deaf fans: The heartwarming moments from Taylor Swift’s record-breaking visit to Edinburg

Marriage proposals, singing heard for miles and sign language for deaf fans: The heartwarming moments from Taylor Swift's record-breaking visit to Edinburg


From marriage proposals, to singing heard for miles and sign language for deaf fans – Taylor Swift’s recording-breaking visit to Edinburgh was full of heartwarming moments.

The American megastar dazzled fans for three nights in Scotland this weekend – with each show consisting of 46 songs performed for more than three hours.


Swifties camped outside of Murrayfield stadium to secure the best spot in the venue and broke stadium attendance records – with around 73,000 attending each show.

The pop star made sure to begin her first night in Scotland for nearly ten years with an announcement thanking fans for breaking a stadium attendance record.

Swift went on to describe it as ‘the wildest way to welcome a lass’ – making sure to add a Scottish reference which brought out a cheer from the packed stadium.

A video posted on TikTok shows Swift addressing the crowd, she said: ‘I have not gotten to be in Scotland for almost a decade now.

‘The last time I was here was almost ten years ago and I was wondering what’s it going to be like when we go back to visit them?

How are they going to be as a crowd, and you know what, you kinda answered me before I even got on stage because I had someone pull me aside and say hey, we’ve checked this 20 times and we swear it’s accurate.

‘Tonight’s concert is the most highly attended stadium show in Scottish history.’

She then asked the couple, ‘Did it happen?’ and said, ‘Yes!’ as she balled her fists in the air in excitement after it was apparently confirmed that the proposal had indeed taken place.

‘You have no idea, I never get to see that, right? Because it’s, like, dark usually at night,’ she explained to the crowd.

But it’s not right now so congratulations. Wow, I just saw that whole thing! Uh, man, that’s amazing. Thanks for doing that at my concert, that’s a big moment — huge!’

The music from Swift’s first night reached much further than Murrayfield stadium.

Someone posted a video online and the sound of ‘who’s afraid of little old me’ being sang by thousands of Swifties can be heard in the background.

It was captioned with, ‘Who’s afraid of little old me from literally miles away… I’m speechless. Taylor is taking over Edinburgh’.

Other people could also hear the roaring fans, with one commenting, ‘I’m about 2 kilometres away from the stadium, I can hear it all perfectly. The crowd is INSANE.’

Swift managed to slip in another Scottish reference on the first night of her stint in Edinburgh too.

During the song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, she pointed her mic to a dancer who sang ‘Nae chance’.

A video posted on TikTok showed the moment and the roaring crowd’s reaction to the commonly used phrase.

During night two, Swift pulled a similar stunt in the same song, but this time using a different cheeky Scottish expression.

Another video posted online captured the moment the singer turned the microphone to the same dancer.

However, this time he said, ‘you wee radge’, generating another cheer from the audience.

The crowd of Swifties got involved too, with one video showing a view of Taylor on stage during the song, Blank Space.

Swift can be seen swinging a hockey stick and the crowd chants ‘Scotland’ between the lyrics.