‘FREAKED OUT’ Brittany Mahomes revealed how Patrick Mahomes reacted to the pregnancy news

‘FREAKED OUT’ Brittany Mahomes revealed how Patrick Mahomes reacted to the pregnancy news


Patrick Mahomes is often regarded as the ‘next big thing’ in the world of the NFL. First roped in by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 draft, over the years, the man has become synonymous with consistency.


Patrick is known for his ability to make plays out of nowhere. Moreover, the fact that he signed a gigantic $503 million deal with the Chiefs back in 2021 is enough to prove how big a talent he is.

As far as family life is concerned, Patrick is married to Brittany Matthews and the power couple has been going as strong as ever. Already blessed with a baby girl, the Mahomes are expecting a baby boy in a few months.

Brittany Mahomes claims Patrick Mahomes handled the pregnancy news very maturely
The couple tied the knot in March this year. Back in February 2021, they welcomed Sterling Skye Mahomes into this world. However, when Brittany first got to know that she was pregnant with Sterling, she had freaked out big time.

Brittany, during a fans Q & A session, explained what happened when she first told Patrick about the pregnancy. “Actually, once I read the pregnancy test wrong,” she said.

“I went out there and I told him (Patrick), ‘Hey, I just took a pregnancy test. It’s negative, we’re good to go and then I had that weird feeling, and I went back in, and when I read it and it was positive, I just started crying and freaking out,” she stated.

Brittany claimed that Patrick was extremely supportive and handled the situation very maturely. “He kind of caught on and came to the bathroom, and then we kind of had our moment, and he was just so sweet and so supportive and just so excited about it, so you know, things have just been great ever since,” she continued.

Everything eventually panned out well. The couple was blessed with a beautiful girl and are soon going to have a baby boy too. Moreover, Brittany has always very passionately supported Patrick in his quest to become the top QB in the league.

Although she faces a lot of flak for her actions in the stadiums and her Tweets, it hasn’t really stopped her from doing what she likes. As far as Patrick is concerned, his season has started off incredibly well and he would be hoping to continue on his merry way.