Fans Call Travis Kelce’s Interview with Kid Reporter ‘Cutest Thing Ever’

Fans Call Travis Kelce’s Interview with Kid Reporter ‘Cutest Thing Ever’


Fans of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce know that he has a lot of different charms, including his way with children.


As “Uncle Trav” to brother Jason Kelce’s daughters, he has some practice taking care of young kids, and it showed in the sweet way he interacted with Taylen Biggs, a little girl and fashion enthusiast who interviewed Travis at a sports event.

In early 2023, 10-year-old Biggs spoke with Travis and his team on the red carpet for the Super Bowl Championship Ring Ceremony, and a Chiefs fan account reposted the clip, leading many to comment on Travis’ interactions.

Biggs first asked Travis, “How old were you when you found your style?” Considering her question, he answered honestly, “When I finally got some money in my pocket when I was like, 23, that’s when I really figured it out. I was able to buy stuff.”

The young interviewer also told Travis about meeting his mother, Donna Kelce, at a different event, with Biggs saying, “She was so sweet. You have the best mom ever.” Travis thanked her, and they shared a high-five.

Fans were in awe of both how Travis interacted with Biggs and how talented the 10-year-old was at interviewing, discussing the clip in the comments.

“OMG why is this the cutest thing ever? They should have her on New Heights!” said one fan of Biggs, as another wrote, “She’s a pistol. Big things in HER future!”

Complimenting Travis, someone noted, “He is so good with her! Respectful and answers her questions sincerely.” Other comments called the football star a “big softie” and “adorable.”

“How is he this good with children? I love this man,” read a different response.

For those interested in learning more about Biggs, she has a large presence on social media, especially when it comes to fashion, and she even talked about Taylor Swift, Travis’ girlfriend, and Beyoncé in a recent update!

With any luck, Biggs and Travis will come together to create a fashion collab in the future—or just another cute interview.